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Casting Couch

£ 6,000 

Ξ 6.5

₿ 0.34

Ł 161

ɱ 67.7

Ξ 6.5

₿ 0.34

Ł 161

ɱ 67.7

Behind every joke is the truth and a dark well-known one is built into the hollywood film and television industry; the production studios, executive-directors and film-makers, actively cast to sell pedophilia in the perverted ‘art film form’ now labeled entertainment - Actors and Actresses who enter the industry young, speak of their adolescent-sexualisation and sexual abuse once they reach adulthood; traumatized by it.

It's not surprising the trauma-inducing, porn-industry was born out the hollywood studios and sets - with america's most searched porn being 'Teen', things are only getting worse with the consumption of pornography happening in public via social media.

Consuming for discussion or escaping out of boredom into either of these ‘designed’ products (that's all they are), you are inadvertently agreeing and supporting the underlying pedophilic nature of each industry by the normalization that happens within.

Human signature was required for the statement, else you would blindly ignore it because it’s/your uncomfortable.


Dye White Aluminum


155.5 in x 87.4 in



Certificate of authenticity





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