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Goddess in Illusion

£ 6,000 

Ξ 6.5

₿ 0.34

Ł 161

ɱ 67.7

Ξ 6.5

₿ 0.34

Ł 161

ɱ 67.7

After being instructed to take out money from my bank account by an unknown force that took over my sense of reason whilst still conscious, being shown signs and just follow them as directions. I was led into a basement room, the door suddenly locked behind me. My gut instinct switched on to tell me I’m going to die, I accepted and threw my bag with my macbook onto the floor and emptied all my pockets out with the money like loose paper it is, then waited patiently for someone to walk in and kill me...

From playing with Frogs as a kid to hearing about Psychedelics DMT ones as a adult. During a said 'psychosis', I met a woman who introduced herself to me as Maya, she had a dope bike that had her logo all over it. Whilst 'Divinely' walking around Shoreditch, London (air and light all felt/looked different). We strolled, walked and talked about the universe. I cuddled her, as prior to meeting her I felt this reality was actualized hell. Whoever this new girl was, she saved me with her introduction ‘coincidence seeing you here’. As we walked, she climbed onto a wall and suddenly positioned her body into a beautiful sitting frog formation facing. Strange flex I thought. We continued to walk and talk onto a main road, my consciousness was still in a different reality, she felt like she was from a different dimension - I saw, felt her mad energy, the universe in her eyes. We parted ways as energies faded, though I kept her Jacket she gave me. After 15 minutes walking in the opposite way from each other. I felt a sharp pain in my back, I turned around and there she suddenly is. She needed her jacket back... I've never again found in Hackney the park or street in which we both walked.

After being hospitalized. I continued my readings into Ancient Vedic 'Vedas’ and connected theological research I discovered something, Māyā is believed to be an illusion, a veiling of the true, unitary Self—the Cosmic Spirit also known as Brahman...


Dye Sublimation Aluminum


4.4 in × 4.4 in








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